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For me, being an artist is a life of close discovery, whether it be in the physical or the spiritual.  I have always enjoyed the world around me, both through international travel or in my own backyard oasis.  Feeling at peace for me comes during times when I can hear the smallest water drop or when I am playing my music so loud that I can’t hear anything else.  I love the feeling of being totally absorbed into something: Natural or Spiritual.


Nature, with its intense colors-that bright blue sky, that deep purple iris or that electric green leaf-all together provide me an absolutely overwhelming feeling of completeness, excitement for what God has created and an inner peace like no other.  I love looking at things through the  intricate patterns that they create: the crossing of a branch over a pond and the light and dark shadows that are created from that single branch, or the microscopic stamens of a crocus.  Taking these feelings and transferring them to my art brings about a dynamic effect both through composition and color. 


Spiritually, life is full of many ups and downs and your life is defined by how you are able to take your journey through them.  Finding that spirituality comes through searching deep into who you are and what makes you who you are.  My search takes me back to the love and encouragement that I received, from a very young age, from my parents.  I was encouraged to explore my art and make things even though it meant stains from oil paints or an iron slowly melting wax from a batik into the carpet.  My parents had the insight to see that this was something that I had a passion for and I am truly thankful for that!  Working  in several mediums provides a constant outlet for my creativity, through the overlapping of mediums.  With this I have found a sense of contentment with my creative energies and where my art is taking me.


At this time in my life I feel more at peace than at any other, but the exploration will not stop here.  I am always looking for that next element of surprise around the next corner.  Without exploration, none of who I am would be possible.


A piece of my art is a culmination of everything I have to give from deep down inside myself so I hope that the viewing public would judge my works of art through the use of each color and feeling of each textural stroke.  I also hope that my audience would want to have this ecstatic encounter with my works and love them as I do in their daily lives.


•  Born in LeMars, Iowa  •  Educated in Pella, Iowa  •  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University; Ames, Iowa  •

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Margaret Dukeman

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